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Introduction to Torus

What is Torus?

Torus is an EVM Layer 1 blockchain protocol designed to address the challenges faced by the digital media industry. With its exceptional scalability, speed, and innovative monetization opportunities, Torus aims to reshape the digital media landscape. By seamlessly integrating into existing platforms with billions of monthly impressions, Torus provides a scalable solution to projects that are hungry for exposure.

What makes Torus unique?

High Performance

Torus is a powerful technology that provides a highly scalable and swift decentralized solution. The aBFT system, in combination with DAG technology, allows it to process up to 3,000 transactions per second, with a theoretical ceiling of up to 300,000 tps. This makes Torus a fantastic place for any project to grow. Whether it's a Web3 project, like crypto games and DeFi protocols, or a Web2 project, like traditional games and social media, Torus can accommodate them all.


Safety and trust are central to the Torus experience. We leverage the robustness of a Delegated Proof-of-Stake system, ensuring exceptional Sybil protection and safeguarding your transactions and data. The Torus chain achieves transaction finality in two blocks, and even in high-traffic scenarios with a queue of pending transactions, the system maintains a block time of 1-2 seconds.


Torus is an open, decentralized blockchain platform, allowing any user to build upon or transition to its network. Torus uses a variation of DPoS which has no limit on active validators, which is the main drawback of traditional DPoS systems. It still relies on a distributed network of participants (known as validators) which enhances the system's resilience to attacks and ensures its continued operation even if some nodes fail.

Massive Exposure Through Partnership

Neoma Ventures, the co-founder of the technology used by Torus, is in a strategic partnership with New Media Holding – a leading digital media company established in Singapore, boasting a vast network of over 4 million influencers and a staggering global reach of 1.8 billion followers that generate 20 billion monthly impressions. For those ambitious Web2 and Web3 projects seeking to access this vast media network, a partnership with Neoma Ventures provides this opportunity. However, it's important to note that not every project can secure this advantage. We are very stringent with the selection of projects, making sure that they're in alignment with the vision and objectives of both Torus and New Media Holding.

Disclaimer: While partnering with us ensures your project's exposure to our extensive media network, please understand that it does not guarantee an increase in users, fans, or followers. Our commitment extends to providing media access; any audience engagement and growth that may arise from this exposure are not guaranteed or within our control.
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